Makeup remover wipes

Makeup Remover wipes 

Our makeup remover wipe was tested by cosmetics. It easily and perfectly removes makeup and other contaminations from the face, while its herbal extracts(Calendula Officinalis, Lavandula herba, Chamomile flowers and Calendulae flowers)gently treat the skin. Its vitamin and provitamin content moisturizes the skin and keeps it stretch, while preserves it from wrinkles. We have recently developed a sophisticated range of vitamin E, Q.10 and exfoliating wipes.

●  easy and practical usage
●  perfectly but gently cleans the face
●  ideal for all skin types
●  lanolin and alcohol free
●  high herb content

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Item No.:LSMW15025-1
Product: Makeup Remover Wipes
Material: 40gsm nonwoven spunlace
Size: 15x20cm
Specification: 30pcs/pack

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