Car wash wet wipes

Car wipes

Auto wipes are antibacterial, solvent-free, environmentally safe formula. In addition to hands, clean up spills, drips and splatters from many non porous surfaces like mechanic tools, equipment and more. The heavy duty wipe suspends and absorbs soils from your hands and surfaces for easy removal and quick cleanups. Our car wipes range from:

● Car absorbent wipes
● Universal polishing wipes
● Car stainless steel wheels wipes
● Car glass wipes
● Auto leather wipes
● Car dashboard wipes
● Grease-off wipes
● Hands cleaner wipes

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Item No.:LSCW1820-6
Product: Car wipes
Material: 45gsm nonwoven spunlace
Size: 18x20cm
Specification: 20pcs/pack

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