we have an in-house graphics designing department that can work with you to create a professional packing design and branding solution for your products.


A broad variety of formula for different types of wet wipes, formulas that have been developed by experts and are used by many companies.



All original material as non woven spunlace, liq, packing material, … with automatic production line, which enable us to control consistent quality from incoming materials to finished products.


A wide range of packaging options from single/individual packing, 10 pieces/pack to 120 pieces/pack that can be customized by our customers with their own design and label.

Our production lines are formed by advanced state of the art automatic machines, in order to create high quality wet wipes.  We offer complete services for all your contract needs: a wide a variety of formats and technical assistance to create high quality wet wipes.

We have experience in contract manufacturing in various sectors: Retail, FMCG and Pharmaceutical and we comply to the Cosmetic and Biocide Regulations.

We are here to guide you!