Here we, Hangzhou Luosen can manufacture baby wipes, personal care wipes, skin care wipes, make-up remover wipes, intimate wipes, pet wipes, household cleaning wipes, car cleaning wipes, industrial wipes, etc.  according to customer’s requirements.

And our staff of sales department, product department, design department, manufacturing department will sincerely recommend suitable products to you to meet your needs, and provide good quality CONTRACT MANUFACTURING service to satisfy customers.

Meanwhile, our company also set up a powerful and professional design department, breakthrough the prioritize production, neglect designs in most similar enterprises traditional development model. Professional engineer would accurately grasp the customer’s enterprise value orientation and the consumer guiding, and bring the products a higher environment protection, health, warmly value to the society.

We provide CONTRACT MANUFACTURING products for our customers.
For doing so, our customer need to support as following points:

1. The order quantity should be large.
2. Customers should provide us with artworks for which we are to produce.
3. If famous trade marks are required to be printed on the products,we need an authorization letter from relevant custom abroad.
4. The plate cost need to be paid by customers.
5. Timing of making new plates: about 10 days.



we have an in-house graphics designing department that can work with you to create a professional packing design and branding solution for your products.


A broad variety of formula for different types of wet wipes, formulas that have been developed by experts and are used by many companies.


All original material as non woven spunlace, liq, packing material, … with automatic production line, which enable us to control consistent quality from incoming materials to finished products.


A wide range of packaging options from single/individual packing, 10 pieces/pack to 120 pieces/pack that can be customized by our customers with their own design and label.